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First Capitol Consulting Offers New Service Bundle to Multi-Location Restaurants for Cost of Traditional WOTC Services

Restaurant Services Bundle Combines Employee Tax Credits, ACA Compliance, Healthcare Cost Management and Workforce Management Resources in One Affordable Package

 First Capitol Consulting is offering restaurant operators a special bundled package of services to help them reduce their operating costs.

First Capitol’s Restaurant Services Bundle helps owners and operators to:

All of these services are provided at a cost less than the contingency fees charged by many standalone WOTC service providers.

The Restaurant Services Bundle includes:

“Our new Restaurant Services Bundle is a comprehensive offering for a cost that essentially provides restaurants with free WOTC services,” said Robert Sheen, President and CEO of First Capitol. “That’s money back into their businesses, allowing restaurant owners to expand their profits and increasing their bottom lines through improved operations.”

To obtain more information about the Restaurant Services Bundle, click here.

Posted by on January 18, 2018.

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